About Us

Meet the founder


After 20 + years in the financial services industry, and 12 more in the not for profit sector, Clayton Platt decided to pivot and use what he had learned from his management experience for the greater good. Now, Clayton shares his passion for continuous improvement with organizations, leaders and teams who seek a more engaged, higher performing workforce.

Our Approach


We begin with a no-risk discovery process that is designed to uncover your organization's gaps in learning and development, and where the greatest needs are for performance improvement. We adhere to the most successful principles of how people learn, utilizing brain-based techniques to ensure that the coaching/training experience is both engaging and educational and that the commitment of time and resources is considered very well spent. We are client-centric in our program design, and utilize a variety of classroom and virtual learning environments that best suit the needs and budgets of our customers.

Why Us?


CP Enterprises is a strategic alliance of companies of various sizes that specialize in a wide range of executive coaching and training facilitation.  Our associated network of partners includes experts in presentation/communication skills,  leadership development, sales and customer service, diversity equity and inclusion, employee engagement,   change and conflict management. We are committed to creating and delivering the learning solution that is right for our clients. Together we’ll create and refine your plan for success.